Smart Board are new generation fiber cement boards which made from Elephant Brand Portland cement, silica and special cellulose that give them strenght, durability and elasticity all in one. They are produced with Autoclave technology especially design for ceiling and wall both for internal and external applications.

Smart Board:
. Easy to install, attractive looking and can be installed both
horizontally and vertically.
. Smooth finishing giving the feel of decorative eve lining wood because they have 4 inches square lining ready made from factory giving a continous straight 4 inches lining blended neatly all the way when installed in large areas.
. Time and cost saving from easy installation because they are 2.8 cm long to cover a whole floor to ceiling range in one board.
. Resistant to impact and external weather proof for long lasting durability.


2400mm x 1200mm

Thickness: 6mm,9mm & 12